Capital Equity Partners is a real estate syndication firm that develops and executes investment strategies backed by real estate.  CEP has had years of success operating both long-term and short-term offerings that have resulted in repeated investments from our existing clientele.

Capital Equity Partners short-term strategic models that encompass repositioning existing residential 1-4 unit assets within strong and upward trending communities locally in the Boston area.  These properties present value-add opportunities, primed to be rebuilt and repurposed to their highest and best use, which may be a use other than what they were originally designed for.  These opportunities are typically shorter duration projects that generate strong equitable value, which is captured upon the sale of the asset.

CEP’s long-term strategies focuses on acquiring and operating stabilized multi-family assets in Emerging Markets throughout the United States.  These markets demonstrate consistent upward growth in population, jobs and household formation.  The targeted assets we search for provide high-yielding cash flow, and long-term capital appreciation.  Properties that reveal inefficient asset management, deferred maintenance, and asset/unit features that are below market standards provide for value-add asset plays, where appreciation can be forced by implementing change.  Properties in solid locations, with strong existing financials, efficient management and previously updated amenities, provide opportunities for momentum plays, where the upward “momentum” of the market naturally increases returns.

Whether you are planning for short-term or long-term strategies for your investment dollars, Capital Equity Partners can provide the industry expertise, market knowledge, and growth oriented opportunities to achieve your investment goals.

How do we multiply your wealth through real estate?

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