Capital Equity Partners has an established network of strong relationships with property owners, brokers, property managers, attorneys, lenders, and operators that bring opportunities to us on a weekly basis.  We underwrite multiple deals per week to identify the right opportunities for our investment partners.

Our conservative underwriting approach identifies opportunities for both momentum-buys and value-add opportunities.  A momentum-buy is an acquisition strategy that captures an already improved assets’ cash flow.  Value-add deals are defined by properties with opportunities to increase value through repairing physical deficiencies and increasing operational efficiencies.  These assets typically show deferred maintenance, functional obsolescence, poor operational management and/or financial distress of ownership.  The assets are in need of repositioning physically and financially and present the greatest opportunity to add value.

Once an asset meets our basic underwriting criteria potential, it must pass a stress test of leverage, ROI, and market criteria.  Market criteria includes job growth, population growth, and other meaningful demographic statistics.

How do we multiply your wealth through real estate?

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