Capital Equity Partners (CEP) provides investment opportunities backed by real estate assets to provide better than average rates of returns than normally found in traditional CD’s, Money Market Accounts, and IRA’s.

With over 25 years of combined experience, CEP has developed a deep understanding of real estate investment analysis and execution through development, repositioning and long-term income producing asset models.  The communities we operate in are known for their value, proximity to employment, transportation and lifestyle desirability.  CEP has developed strategic relationships with brokers, operators, and management companies in emerging markets across the country, that own and operate thousands of multi-family units.  These relationships provide not only local market expertise, but off-market opportunities, which combined with our underwriting practices, result in coveted financial opportunities for our investors.

CEP is currently seeking accredited and sophisticated investors with capital of $50,000 or more to take part in real estate backed opportunities in which CEP has an equitable interest.

How do we multiply your wealth through real estate?

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